In Memory of Nick Massi


Nicholas Macioci, famously known as Nick Massi from the multi hit musical group, The 4 Seasons, was born on September, 19th 1927.  Nicky grew up in Newark, New Jersey where he met his beautiful wife, Margie, when she was only 14. They started dating at 16 and were married by the time Margie turned 18.  Soon after, Nicky served in the United States Army and was stationed in Japan. He and Margie eventually had three beautiful children together: Bobby, Patty and Nicky Jr.


Nicky loved the guitar and was always passionate about music. In his early years as a musician he played with bands such as The Hollywood Playboys, The Variety Trio and The Four Lovers. These early bands played in different clubs in Newark, New Jersey and along the shore areas of Long Branch, Point Pleasant, Seaside, and the famed Atlantic City.  By 1960, the widely known band The 4 Seasons had formed.  By 1961 The 4 Seasons had their first hit, Sherry.


 As an original member of the group, Nicky was the bass guitarist, bass singer and vocal arranger. He was with the group for a total of five years and during this time contributed to over thirteen albums. Both Nicky’s superb bass voice and lead guitarist/backup singer Tommy DeVito contributed their unique musical talents to several acoustical albums.


The 4 Seasons had such hits as Sherry, Rag Doll, Walk Like A Man, and Bye Bye Baby, selling millions of albums. And of course you could not miss that very deep voice of Nicky’s (why don't you come out)...


Certainly, the success of the band would not be possible without the magnificent Bob Gaudio on piano composing all this wonderful music, superb background singer Tommy DeVito strumming either an acoustic or electric guitar, and the brilliant lead vocal, Frankie Valli, whose falsetto singing voice reminds one of the sound of an angel.  Each member’s own individual talents combined gave them a natural blend of harmony and style that according to their fans no other group had. The 4 Seasons took music to a whole new level; they were a fresh and clean sound. As Nick Massi once said, “That's how you make a hit song”.


After leaving the group at the height of their success in 1965, Nicky was replaced by Charlie Calello (who felt the group was “never the same”) who in turn was replaced by Joe Long, also in 1965.


Even after leaving the band Nicky and his family always embraced Frankie Valli’s solo career and knew nothing but good things would happen with that unique and incredible voice. Nicky spent the last 38 years in West Orange with his family still very much involved with his musical passions by working locally in the recording industry managing groups such as The Baby Toys, The Victorians and The Carmel.  Nicky also did a lot of arranging and engineering in the studio also while vocal coaching.

The original group, THE 4 SEASONS, made up of Frankie Valli, Nick Massi, Tommy DeVito and Bob Gaudio, are the true JERSEY BOYS, and in January 1990 were honored for their music by being inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in New York City.


The four time 2006 Tony award winning hit musical documentary, “The Jersey Boys”, (currently playing in New York City, Las Vegas, London and several other cities) chronicles the lives and history of the ORIGINAL members of The 4 Seasons and proves that history really does repeat itself. Nicky was well aware of this project during the early days of its conception. He was absolutely thrilled and looked forward to seeing the end result. Unfortunately, Nicky passed away on December 24th, 2000, four years before the premier of the play. His spirit will continue to always live on through his beautiful music and breathtaking art. 

                                        Star Ledger   -   December 24, 2007

"He was one of the most informed musicians I've ever worked with, with an innate sense of how things worked together "  - Bob Crewe, writer and producer for The 4 Seasons

"He could do four-part modern harmonies that would amaze musicians who had studied for years. And he did it all in his head without writing it down"  - Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli said Nick Massi was "his musical mentor"

September 19, 1927 - December 24, 2000

Original 4 Seasons Christmas Album.
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